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Apsiblaiveti (-viu, -vejau, -vesiu), Apsi- biaivinti (-nu, -nau. gloomy, dejected, depress- ed; sullen, heavy, dull. Atrede pas jį ligotus ir vel- nio apsėstus, they brought to him all sick people, and those which were possessed with devils. to sit round about; to occupy many places; to beset.

Algos ver- l/a.s, a wage-slave, one who works lor wages. Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Toronto %uo i. Ul'^5(bdk DICTIONARY OF THE LITHUANIAN AND ENGLISH LANGUAGES. Tur^ Akysopis ti ant ko akį, io keep an eye on, to watch one. having many eyes; having many little holes; = porous.

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