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This homogeneity prevents the diffusion or intermingling with alien social norms.

Therefore, Somalis relied on their traditional values.

These requests are often met with positive responses of the formal justice institutions, including the courts of law regardless of the types and nature of cases in question.-paying groups are common among the Somalis and the Ethiopian Somalis are not exception to this (Gorman, 1981).

Almost 85.7% of the Society in the Somali Region is pastoralist, moving from place to place by following the rain and pastures and this precludes frequent interaction among the numerous clans of Somalis.

In the Somali Regional State about 95.7% of the population is ethnic Somali, and share the same religion, custom and language (CSA, 1999).

The jurisdiction of the former type is limited to the cases arising between two disputants of the same clan, while the latter governs when there is dispute between two persons of different clans.

These types of CDR are eligible to all members, even though women and the members of the outcaste groups are allowed to take part only through representation.

Disputes in the Regional State are of two types, namely, collective dispute and individual dispute.

In the case of collective disputes, the situation is handled politically with the help of elders.

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