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His 45-year-old wife, who was being held on outstanding traffic warrants, refused to comment when reached by phone in jail.Prosecutor Michael Sanders said the Eversons were charged with collecting ,500 in cash from a local charity and employees at the Grain Valley brake manufacturing plant where Kris Everson worked.

In some cases, it has been seen to track what you type into their infected gadget - allowing crooks to log and store credit card details if you later buy something online.

However, Sanders said investigators believe that more people gave the couple gifts and cash, and that some of the victims might be reluctant to come forward because they are embarrassed they fell for the scam.

“In the Midwest, we are a very trusting and generous community,” Sanders said.

Now, Christina said, his former co-workers don’t know what to think.

A COUPLE who tried to tap in on their neighbours' generosity by lying about giving birth to sextuplets have apologised for the scam.

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