Radiometric dating is

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Yake," Creation Research Society Quarterly, 9, 1996.A response by Bill Yake followed this letter.) Comment.The Genesis Flood model favored by creationists requires that all 800 billion animals be drowned at the same time and swept into South Africa and fossilized.But, they ask themselves, could the entire earth ever have supported so many swamp loving reptiles at the same time? (Froede, Carl R., Jr.; "The Karoo and Other Fossil Graveyards: A Further Reply to Mr.

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Everything on dry land that had the breath of life in its nostrils died.

Now, an exchange of letters in a creationist journal gives us the opportunity to present a few facts about a giant bone bed of terrestrial vertebrate fossils: the Karoo Supergroup of southern Africa.

The point being discussed by the creationists is the source of the estimated 800 billion vertebrate fossils contained in the Karoo deposits.

Only one possible event could simultaneously meet all of these conditions: The onrush of swift moving sediment from a tremendous, worldwide Flood."--End Quote....

Source: Excerpt from: The Darwin Papers; Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah, by James M.

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