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The professor confirmed that, although on the decline, a wife ‘giving’ her sister or cousin to her husband to marry was, and still is, actually one of the many ways some African wives express love to their husbands.ALSO READ: Here is way most female friendships don’t last Apparently, to such women, allowing their husbands to be polygamous is an expression of love.

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Many other men that we talked to, for instance, wondered why women expect local men, who began driving just the other day and didn’t grow up in families with cars, to instinctively open car doors for them as proof of chivalry? It’s something cultural because we associate them with things we hate like weddings, funerals and others painful ones that leave huge dents in our pockets such as Valentine’s Day.

The professor breaks it down by giving some scenarios and circumstances under which such arrangements happen.

A woman purporting to be madly in love with her husband, and is about to die as a result of, say, chronic illness, in some cultures such as the Kisiis and Luhyas, is expected to leave a will or a testament, written or verbal, asking one of her sisters, cousins or any other younger female relative to get married to her husband.

Women have been heard, especially in some parts of rural Kenya, telling each other, “If your husband never beats you up, he doesn’t love you.” To such women, being beaten is a sign of love.

And some of such women will, by hook or crook, ensure they get beaten; even if it means provoking their husband to beat them up.

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