Marc ballas dating

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"They have been keeping their exciting news on the down-low as they wanted to celebrate and enjoy the holidays with close friends and family," the source says.

An eyewitness spotted Jean wearing her engagement ring when the pair posed for pictures backstage at L.

Then we became obsessed with these cooking shows and trying to eat healthier, and she’s become this amazing chef.” “I come home and she’s like, ‘Look at these stuffed peppers I made!

, describing how he took inspiration for the romantic proposal – which happened the day before Thanksgiving! I’ve been on stages my whole life, and when she walked in the room I was thought, ‘Whoa, here we go.’ So we kind of just held each other for a minute, and then I did the [one-knee] drop, I popped the question, she said yes.

“She walked the aisle to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen, which is one of my all-time favorites.” So far, so good? “It was funny, because they played the wrong version — they were meant to play the symphonic string version, but they played the real version,” he said.

“So all of a sudden she turns the corner and we hear: ‘ ” “Freddie [Mercury]’s voice is booming through my ceremony! “I turned to Derek at the time, my best friend, I was like, ‘They’re playing the wrong version! You love Queen.’ I was like, ‘I do love Queen.’ ” Of course, all’s well that ends well — and Ballas, 31, dissolved into tears pretty much the second he saw his bride.

And in the months sine tying the knot, the happy couple actually learned something new about each other.

“Back when we were dating, we pretty much knew everything there was to know about each other — we’d traveled together, we’d lived together, we’d been through ups and downs together,” he said.

Mark and Lindsey were already good friends, and he's been pushing her to do a season of the hit TV series for a had their hearts broken in 2016 when Mark Ballas left the show after nine years.Luckily, he returned just in time for Season 25, and it's all thanks to his partner Lindsey Stirling!"I was actually meant to be doing another theater gig, but it got pushed," he explained. It was all meant to happen." It definitely seems like there's a higher power at play, because from the very start of the season they've been the partnership from heaven!"The next day I found out Lindsey was doing this season. They kicked things off with a respectable score of 22 for their cha-cha, which tied for the highest score of the night.

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