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I can stand anywhere to Kick ass of those people who are inhuman for the street animals.. Ne ke phela 1 man until she came to me and asked to be my friend.

So all of you know that Me with my dog lover team started private sterilisation ... I asked y a re because o phela life ya gao o le 1 and u don't care what ...

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku ampunilah dia, rahmatilah dia, maafkanlah dia, muliakanlah kematiannya, lapangkanlah kuburnya, jadikanlah syurga sebagai ganti tempat tinggalnya dan berilah kesabaran kepada ahli keluarganya, semoga arwah di tempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman... I Want To THANK YOU @stefflondon From The Bottom Of My ♥️ For Being YOU & Helping Me More Than You Could EVER Imagine 😩 You May Think #2017 Was Your YR But Gyal #2018 Is Gone Be BIGGER Than It’s Already Been For You! Mine is in navy-fuschia💯 Dia Jiwa dalam #syurgayangkedua, Watak Dato Sherry she handle it with Grace, Attitude and Style. Wise words from one of the best chefs in the world! Tepuk dada, tanya selera #Just Sharing #Note To Self #Muhasabah Diri . KL is so small u keep seeing the same bloody faces all the time just like others would say the same of me. If u really don't have much time to scrub, just indulge in peppermint oil smell, so good.ig_cache_key=MTM1OTc1NDcz Nz E1OTU3NTA3Mg==.2" captionid='1359754737159575072' captionhash='79962c07d5e2676eaccfabf5d41d149a' search='same di u my'Fi all who vex and a defend dem artist in my "DM", mi a listen 🙉🎭 fi unnu bwoii before unnu knw him cause mi cos usually frwd ova pon holli & mek mi hear di dawg & thing👌 _ _ _ they ad di same best fren at dat time. te na ohdo iniya sahultaan c like car, Air conditioners, blah blah.. Sinceramente mi ferisce non interagire con voi ma sono anche delusa dal fatto che voi non commentate😔quindi voi volete una distaccata che parla sempre e solo dell'argomento della pagina? ma in direct potrete sempre scrivermi, ci sarò sempre per voi☀️ ~ -------- Goodmorning to all of u treasures☀️ here to u a clip of our blondie in #AChorus Line 🎩🎤 ~ Btw as said in my instastory I took a decision and it's the same that I took some days ago: I'll don't interact with u anymore as before at least not, sometimes, for the show.Dah friendship deh suppose to get fxck by nw 2hw dat man hype 😂😂, __ ___ _ mi know him bad from likkle after school deh so 2_hw mi hear him flow even doe I know it was inspired by my don with a Lil twice, when mi hear him sng m a pawty mi buss blank same way cause mi luv di muzik. DARA SINGH ji de time jo bajurag hunde c oh v rohj 30-35 km cycle chala lehnde hunde c.. hun ta apne ithe Vegetables tk Modified ne tikke la ga ke.. Did u want an other chance and I gave it to u (I couldn't alert u that was it bc is easy do things with warnings) and, except for two of u (really super sweet btw), no comments, even only of curiosity o to talk so, at least for now, enough!✊Teacha ratingz is fada luv fi di ppl it ago tek a miracle cause itz more dan a idol type a ting fi di Gaza who gru with him‼ ✊ _ __ _🏽 gaza a run road rn u can hear it Ina taxi dem & pon erri radio station , VYBZ_KARTEL " coloring dis life" need fih be in & advertisements with iz clothes r smn 2hw commercial happy d song hiz to pxssyclaaath Generally, I don't get Mad & use offensive words.. Hun je purane time de nal compare kr hi rahe ho fer changhi tarah kro.. Sincerely I'm sorry to not interact with u but I'm also disappointed that u don't comment😔so do u want a distant that talks always and only about the page's subject? but in direct u'll can always write to me, I'll be there always for u☀️ ~ #austinandallyitalia #austineallyitalia #rosslynch #rossshorlynch #talented #beautiful #rolemodel #romantic #model #officialr5 #r5family #r5italy #r5italianfamily #r5 #muppetmostwanted #cleo #austinandally #Status Update Let me share a story with you about me and my bestfriend Tshegofatso..But right now I am mad very mad because it is related to my Life My Dogs My Little pups.. Tuade cho kafi jane supplements de against ne te example dinde ne ki DARA SINGH g de time kehde supplements hunde c ohna di body v ta bani c.. I met this beautiful Soul ka 2011..during our first year at Tshwane University of Technology.

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