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A group of young men and women are put up in a villa in Majorca under constant video surveillance.It’s a bit like Big Brother, but contestants have to be in a couple not to get voted off the show by viewers, so there’s pressure to have sex that will be filmed.But popular MTV series Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach epitomise moronic pointlessness: the lowest common denominator of television.Like Love Island, they put a group of young people into shared accommodation in Newcastle or somewhere like Magaluf or Ibiza — with the aims of partying hard, getting blind drunk and having sex. The worst behaviour (for example, wetting the bed because you’re so drunk) is a source of pride, not embarrassment.What effect did the primped and buffed participants have on their self-image?

Young people crash in and dance about, pretending to be ‘family.’ One man yells, ‘Let’s get f*****g mortal!There’s more talk than sex in this show and not much drunkenness.But the 2016 series broadcast footage of a teenager having full sex with a man of 28.The question that concerns me is this: Does it damage young women themselves to be so drunk they have no idea who they’re having sex with or why?And what effect does it have on teenagers to watch TV shows where stereotypically sexy young people appear to have just two aims in life: to get drunk and to get laid?

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