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Une fois que vous avez signé le bail, il est légalement difficile à un bailleur de vous mettre à la porte comme locataire ou d’augmenter votre loyer en Suisse.En conséquence, les bailleurs (et gérances par extension) font particulièrement attention au choix du locataire avant la signature.About 290 million years ago, two large meteorites crashed into Earth and formed the two impact craters the make up this lake system in Quebec’s largest national park.

The 876 foot deep lake has no connection to any other body of water, making it a valuable research source for scientists studying sedimentary records.Impactite, a type of rock that has been changed by a meteor impact, blankets the area, especially the islands in the center of the lake.Because Lac Couture, formed by meteorite impact 425 million years ago, is so much deeper than the other non-extreterrestrial lakes in the area, it is often the last to freeze over in the winter, even in the intense cold of the Canadian tundra.More recently, in the 1900’s, a factory producing soda ash and salt was based there.590 million years ago a large asteroid smashed into what is now southern Australia, creating a 55-mile wide crater and disturbing rocks as far away as 95 miles.

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