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He regrets doing so when she tells him about her past and the real reason she moved to Capeside.Meanwhile Pacey and Tamara continue to tempt fate with their fling.Elsewhere, Pacey ruins his brother's chances of a date with Tamara when they are all trapped at her beach house during the hurricane.

Hoping to get over Jen, Dawson agrees to skip school and join Pacey and Billy (Jen's ex) on a road trip.

Katie Holmes portrays his best friend and love interest Joey Potter, with Joshua Jackson as their fellow best friend Pacey Witter.

Michelle Williams plays Jen Lindley, who moves from New York City to Capeside after being sent away by her parents.

Dawson feels the heat when Jen is visited by an old boyfriend from New York.

Elsewhere, Joey lets off a bit too much steam at a beach party and ends up in a sticky situation, saved only by Pacey's intervention.

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