Dating the presidents daughter

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I’ve never been Ian’s friend and my job here was never planned for,” he said.He said Khama was no more than his boss and that his duty was “to serve him as His Excellency”.Tshekedi refused to speak to the and attempts to contact Anthony were unsuccessful.Ramadeluka Seretse Ramadeluka Seretse, Khama’s cousin, is Botswana’s minister of defence, justice and security, under which fall the police, the Directorate of Intelligence Services, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, the attorney general and the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crimes.Their father, Dingaan Mokaila, served as the first private secretary to president Seretse Khama, Ian’s father, in the 1970s.A former defence force captain, Kitso was environment and tourism minister in Khama’s Cabinet until Tshekedi Khama took over and is now minister of minerals, energy and water affairs.Tests also showed that the Austrian tank had an unreliable engine and was costlier to maintain.

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He told Parliament there was no question of impropriety on his part and that he had taken steps to avoid corruption and minimise the risk of his personal business interests compromising his ability to carry out his ministerial duties independently.Ramadeluka Seretse told Parliament that Hot Bread was one of nine companies given defence force tenders during that period.In an interview, he accused the devil of trying to use people to bring him down, adding that he was strong enough not to blame “confused” people.Attempts to contact Kitso were unsuccessful, but Tefo said that his younger brothers, including Kitso, grew up with Khama and had always been close to him.“Doing the same job as his father did at State House is a coincidence and has nothing to do with knowing Khama.

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