Dating someone who takes prozac counter 1 8 oyna online dating

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I spent 2 God-awful years alternately dragging my significant other, then following her from doctor to doctor, and she wasn't getting any better.

The working diagnosis was bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression.

This could have been physical, emotional, or sexual abuse (ritual, religious, incest, etc.).

In uncommon cases, it can be a disaster that caused it.

When she was discharged, she went through a fog for a few days, then returned to work. After a few weeks out of work, we realized this wasn't going to lift, and applied for disability (see DISABILITY). Through the internet, I met a wonderful lady who answered some of my questions about bipolar disorder.

It turns out she had dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder.

She knew she went to school, but she couldn't remember much about it.

Her psychologist did actually deal with dissociation, so we were off to her office.

The section titles should give you a clue about content.

Please try to take it as humor and not as a slam against anyone. Obviously, it stands for she or he, meaning your significant other.

I have tried to make this document as safe as possible, but obviously cannot be held responsible for `triggering' dissociative folks.

Or think of it as the ultimate denial - "This is why she doesn't remember being abused. When I realized my girlfriend was dissociative, I completely rejected the notion that she could've been abused as a child. The job of the system is to keep it all together and help her to function.

She actually doesn't have knowledge of the abuse - someone else in the system took it for her. The system was great at protecting her, but as she got older, things started falling apart.

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