Bf2 stats not updating

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:) We also implemented the link to your global stats in our community teamplay stats pages.Just visit (example) or search your 2F4Y teamplay profile and scroll down to the "Global Stats" section. You may backup and migrate your former Battlefield 2 Game Spy accounts (including your stats/unlocks) or create all new accounts directly with the BF2Hub Client.Further surpluses will be reserved for the next month(s).In other words, you can donate at any time even if the goal for the current month is already reached.

Of course we also implemented the link to your details in our community teamplay stats pages.If you are interested how all that stuff works or if you wanna see your unlocks and ranks within the BF2Hub Network, you can do this already now because you can switch the Network at any time with a simple click on the "Enable/Disable BF2Hub Network"!From now on you can also backup your Battlefield2 accounts/CD-keys directly online!On our request BF2Hub confirmed that they will enhance the online interface with further features continuously.We may expect additional services and coding APIs very soon, w00t!

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